Secure the most important area of your business
Core to a trading and manufacturing business and poor management can lead to losses and poor decision-making.
Helps in controlling unnecessary purchases and ensures stock is only received if proper order is placed.
Due to one-time data entry principle, all data entered in other modules will automatically pass entries in accounts, however you can view those auto generated entries in this module.
Aging analysis with option of setting your own aging brackets.
Customer statement is only a click away

Reporting balances at a particular date is only a click away
Cost control is the key to profitability and competitive edge
Multi-Services and Multi-departments  Can be used at multiple Services, Connect branches with head office, Maintaining record of Inter-branch transfer of stock
Security, Multi user, Un-limited users, Password control, Access right management
In the Cloud or On-Premise
Dynamic solutions Continuous updates based on feedback and feedforward
Backup and Restoration

Down load MAB’s profile here which also highlights the features of MAB ERPs