Leave Management

  • Employees benefit psychologically and emotionally from annual leave, and enjoy a boost in enthusiasm and productivity when they return. 
  • The biggest benefit of annual leave is the positive effect it has on the employee mind-set.
  • An employee returning from holidays will have a fresh outlook and attitude and will be ready to perform to the best of their ability.

Leave policy

  1. Name your leave policy
  2. Define your leave policy e.g. Employee type wise, Total number of leaves per period, Whether leave is cumulative or non-cumulative, Expiry period for any cumulative leaves, Any payment against any unexpired leaves on leaving the entity (leave encashment), Options related to leave encashment and enter formula for leave encashment, Consumption method of outstanding leaves across multiple periods (e.g. FIFO, LIFO)

Leave Application Method

  1. Each employee can apply from his/her account through any device with web browser.
  2. This application will appear in the line manager account who can recommend the leave.
  3. Recommended leave applications will appear in the account next higher level for approval.


  1. Employee wise status of leave entitlements, leaves availed and balance leaves.
  2. List of recommended leave applications
  3. List of approved leave applications
  4. Each employee can view details of his/her applications status, leave entitlements, leaves availed and balance leaves.


Auto link with attendance-Approved leave will auto appear in attendance reports


  1. One cannot apply more than entitled leaves.
  2. Line manager can only view his/her department applications.
  3. Naming and defining leave policies are restricted to the designated person.

Continuous updates based on feedback and feedforward